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Residential Exemption

$8,000 assessed value reduction

A Residential Exemption is available to all property taxpayers residing in their own homes as of January 1st of the taxing year. The Residential Exemption reduces the Equalized Assessed Value by $8,000. In most cases, the Residential Exemption is automatically applied to all eligible parcels. You should check the last line of your tax bill to ensure that this exemption is in place. If it is not shown, please call our office to have the situation corrected.

Home Improvement Exemption (HIE)

Up to $25,000 assessed value reduction

The Home Improvement Exemption (HIE) is available to homeowners who have made a physical improvement to their property, such as an addition, an inground swimming pool, a finished a basement, etc. This tax break exempts up to $25,000 in Assessed Value ($75,000 Market Value) in improvements made to a property. It also requires having the Residential Exemption on the property. Typically, general maintenance such as painting, replacing windows, replacing roof or siding, or other repair work does NOT qualify for the HIE as it does not increase the value of the property. The amount of Assessed Value directly related to this change, i.e. addition, will be deducted from the total Assessed Value for four years. An item completed in 2020 would be added to the Assessed Value of that property for 2021. This addition will be exempted from your Assessment until the year 2025, with the tax bill payable in 2026. The HIE is automatically applied by our office after the inspection by Township field personnel, there is no need to fill out an application form.

Senior Citizen Homestead Exemption

$8,000 assessed value reduction

The Senior Citizen Homestead Exemption is available to all taxpayers residing in their own homes as of January 1st of the taxing year, who have reached or will reach the age of 65 at any time during that year. This exemption will further reduce the Equalized Assessed Value of the property. The exemption amount in DuPage County is $8,000 of assessed value. Homeowners should apply for this exemption at our office at 139 Water Street, 2nd Floor. The form requires proof of ownership (Warranty Deed or Trustees Deed, etc.) and proof of age (Driver's License or Birth Certificate etc.) and must be signed.

Once the exemption has been accepted by the Supervisor of Assessments at DuPage County, it will be automatically renewed each subsequent year.

Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze

Freezes the property assessed value

This Assessment Freeze is for qualified seniors with a total household income of $65,000 or less. The Freeze is applied to the Equalized Assessed Value of the year in which the senior turns 65. Applicant must occupy the property as their principal residence and be liable for paying the taxes. The Freeze is applied to the Assessment only, not the taxes. Taxes may increase or decrease depending upon the local tax rates. The Freeze is only on existing improvements (buildings) and land. If new improvements are constructed or additional land added, then the Assessment of this newly added property is added to the "frozen" Assessment. As the property values in Naperville Township increase and tax rates fluctuate minimally, you could have substantial savings in just a few years. An application and affidavit of income must be completed and filed each year with the DuPage County Supervisor of Assessments. Applications will be mailed from the County in March. If you would like any assistance filling out the application, we will be happy to assist you. In order to help you, please bring your income tax records, including any Social Security statements, to our office.

Senior Citizens' Real Estate Tax Deferral Program

Up to $5,000 of tax deferral

This program allows a qualifying senior to defer payment of up to $5,000 of real estate taxes and any special assessments on his or her residence. The State will pay $5,000 of the real estate taxes, then repayment plus 6% annual interest must be paid back when the senior sells the property or within a year of his or her passing. The Tax Deferral program is done at DuPage County through the Treasurer. You should contact them for more information and application forms.

DuPage County Treasurer
630 407 5900
DuPage County Website | Senior Citizens' Real Estate Tax Deferral Program

Veterans Exemptions

Various benefits

The Disabled Veterans, Returning Veterans and Standard Veterans Homestead exemptions were introduced for the 2007 tax year. There are qualifying requirements and filing deadlines for these relief programs. For more explanations and application forms for these exemptions you may go directly to the DuPage County website.

DuPage County Website | Veterans Exemption

Disabled Persons' Homestead Exemption

Disabled Tax Relief

Please visit the DuPage County Supervisor of Assessment Office for information and application forms for the Disabled Persons Homestead Exemption.

630 407 5858
DuPage County Website | Disabled Persons' Homestead Exemption