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Naperville Township and DuPage County require permits for various projects on both public and private properties.

Permitting your project will insure you are doing a job according to the rules. Doing a project without permits can be costly later. The homeowner will pay for the County permit and possible penalties. In some cases you may have to remove and redo. Unauthorized work can be removed and charges for the removal assessed to the homeowner.

Virtually every improvement on a residential lot requires some sort of a permit/waiver – dumpsters, fences, decks, swimming pools (above ground and in-ground), garage, hangar, shed, stable, satellite dish, short wave antenna, patio, terrace, retaining walls, digging or filling in a pond, etc. Placing a dumpster on a driveway for any project requires a permit. If in doubt, call the Building Division of DuPage County.

Township permits are required for all work within the Township right-of-way and for select projects on private property.

All Township permits are refundable bonds with a deduction for an Administrative Fee. The permitted property is inspected before and after the project. Any damage or incomplete work is noted. The permittee must repair, complete or forfeit the bond.

Work in the right-of-way could include tree planting, mailbox post replacement, driveway apron or sidewalk replacement. A permit or waiver is necessary because the Township has guidelines for these type of activities.

Examples of right-of-way project concerns:

  • Brick pillars for mailboxes or for driveway lighting shall not be installed on the right-of-way.
  • Sprinkler System shall not be installed in the right-of-way.
  • Homeowners and/or their contractor shall not store or dump any construction materials on a Township road while working on a project.

Permit Bonds

Property owners are required to fill out a permit and post bond for the majority of home improvement projects. In the event that a contractor is doing the work, we recommend that the contractor posts the bond. Please fill out the permit and return it to our Road District office along with the bond payment in cash or check form.

Permit Bond


Beginning Tuesday, August 1st, 2023, the Administrative Fee for several of the permit types will be increasing to $75.00.

Type Zoning Bond Administrative Fee
New Construction Residential $1,500.00 $50.00 (increasing to $75.00)$75.00
Driveway Replacement
Driveway Relocation
Residential $1,000.00 $50.00 (increasing to $75.00)$75.00
Room Addition
Garage Addition
In-ground Pool
Rear Culvert to Taxiway
Patio, Deck, or Dumpster
Residential $600.00 $25.00 (increasing to $75.00)$75.00
Commercial Commercial Rate determined at permitting time,
relative to the scope of the project

This is only a guide and is not all inclusive. Permit fees are subject to change. Any expenses (such as lawyer fees, restoration of right-of-way, removal of unauthorized drainage pipe, bank charges for returned checks, etc.) incurred by the Township due to any issue involving a permit are the responsibility of the obligor designated on the permit/bond.

Bond Waiver

Some improvement projects do not require a bond to be posted. A Township waiver (no fee) may be issued for various projects for which a County Permit is required. Roofing, siding, fences, sprinkler systems and sheds are examples which may be waived. Please fill out the bond waiver form and email it back to [email protected].

Bond Waiver