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Mulch Program

Mulch Program

Services begin April 21st, 2023

Our brush recycling program and tree trimming program generate a lot of wood chips, which the Road District & Services then recycles those chips by delivering them to residents of Naperville Township. The program is as follows: the Township resident requests a 3-5 cu. yd. load of wood chips and is put on the delivery list. Deliveries are made on Fridays, at the beginning of May through mid September.

One of the original "Green" activities, mulching trees with organic materials, has proven to be very functional. Mulch, when properly placed in 3-4" depths at a minimum of a 4-5 foot diameter area around the trunk, benefits the soil and ultimately the tree. Mulch insulates, retains moisture, prevents erosion, and adds nutrients to the soil. Do not over-mulch, and keep a space between the trunk and the mulch.

At the present time there is no charge for this service, and it is available to all Naperville Township residents.

Please contact Cathy to confirm that you are in the Township and that you would like to schedule a mulch delivery.

630 978 0380
[email protected]