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Other Maintenance

Other Maintenance

Traffic Signs

We erect and maintain most of the stop, speed-limit, and caution signs on Township right-of-way. Signs are inspected each month. If you notice a missing sign, please notify this office so we may quickly replace the sign and avoid potential accidents.

Blacktop Patching

Potholes are filled as required.

Crack Sealing

By preventing water from seeping into the road, base pavement life is prolonged.

Roadside Mowing

We mow rural area right-of-ways 4-5 times per season. We are also contracted to mow DuPage County parkways as well as our own.

Street Sweeping

Subdivision with curbs and gutters are swept six times per year, with special sweepings following construction projects.

Storm Sewer Maintenance

Storm sewer basins are cleaned as needed. Inlet grates in the street are inspected and cleaned during and after most rainstorms. You may have an inlet on your property. It is your responsibility to keep the grate and basin clean. If you suspect a problem with your backyard inlet, please call this office. Although the inlet and sewer is not within Township Jurisdiction, we may be able to help solve your problem.

Street Lights

Within the unincorporated Township, street lights are maintained by Commonwealth Edison. If you see a street light with a burned out bulb, please call Commonwealth Edison's customer service number. Should a replacement not be made within a reasonable period of time, please call the Road Disctric office.

Commonwealth Edison
800 334 7661

Street lights, if needed in a subdivision, require a petition requesting their installation with the understanding that cost for labor and material will be assessed to the homeowner. After installation, monthly rate usage and maintenance fees are paid from Township funds.