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Weed & Grass Control

Weed & Grass Control Ordinance

The Illinois Township Code 60 ILCS 1/, and Naperville Township Ordinance T-14-0311-03 require residential property owners in unincorporated Naperville Township to maintain their properties. By law, grass must be mowed to a reasonable height, weeds must be controlled, unsightly trash and debris must be removed, and retention and detention ponds must be kept free of noxious or offensive odors, insects, and algae.

Every year, we have received a number of homeowner complaints about properties that are not in compliance. We have then taken appropriate steps to abate such nuisances through landowner cooperation where possible, and through Ordinance enforcement where cooperation has not been forthcoming. Where landowners do not remedy the situation voluntarily, Township employees or private contractors are paid to do so, and upon payment to the contractor, the landowner is then billed for reimbursement. In those few instances where the landowner has not reimbursed the Township, a lien is then created by legal counsel for the Township, which is then recorded against title to the property for future handling, all in accordance with law.

The Township sincerely appreciates our residents reporting noncompliant properties, as well as the patience and cooperation of those landowners voluntarily correcting the problems reported.

Please report any concerns about weed or grass growth in our unincorporated areas to the email [email protected]. Be sure to include the area or address of the concern.

This may include:

  • Weeds, grass or plants that has grown over 8 inches in length. Excluding forest preserve or conservation areas
  • Diseased or infested bushes or trees
  • Hazardous bushes or trees that may cause damage to persons or property
  • Nuisance bushes or trees that interfere with roadways, sidewalks or other public passageways
  • Plants that cause retention ponds to develop noxious odors or insects
Naperville Township Weed & Grass Control Ordinance